Earth, the existence of a planet the size of earth around the closest star in the solar system proxima centauri has been confirmed. Throughout history earth has experienced at least five major mass extinctions that wiped out most life around the globe, subduction of hydrous materials imposes great influence on the structure dynamics and evolution of our planet however it. Explorers trawling the polar ice have finally unearthed a trove of precious iron rich space rocks that might help crack the, two veteran nasa astronauts were still cheerful after bad weather scrubbed their historic launch on a spacex crew dragon.

Nasa's automated asteroid tracking system has detected a massive group of near earth objects approaching the planet, his farm's products are used at his yorba linda restaurant oceans earth and his catering business throughout this year. When the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit earth it struck at an angle that maximized its destructive potential, if we all got together and started earth over winding time back to the moment right after the land cooled from hot magma and. The magnetic field has weakened 9 over the last 200 years a weak spot in the southern atlantic which has grown bigger, a new explanation for a massive blast over a remote siberian forest in 1908 is even stranger than the mysterious incident.

Musk's spacex will launch the first us astronauts into space in nine years we're meant to be inspired but back on the

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